To edit any field's Design in an online form you need to login to the MightyForms App and, either create a new form, or select an existing form that you’ve created from your dashboard.

If you’ve selected an existing form, look at the upper right corner of your form and select ‘Edit’.

Make sure the Field you want to edit is selected so that its unique Properties and Design options show in the builder’s toolbox. Select Design.


You can make a few design choices to your field by making sure the field is selected, then clicking on ‘Design’.

Choose how you want the label to appear.

By default the label shows on top of the fillable field.

You can select it to show on the side

Or inside the field

You can also add an icon as a visual cue for your field. Simply click ‘Select Icon’ and choose from a variety of icons available. 

The icon will appear right next to it.

Read more on how to edit your form field's Basic and Advanced Settings

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