To edit any field's Basic Settings in an online form you need to login to the MightyForms App and, either create a new form, or select an existing form that you’ve created from your dashboard.

If you’ve selected an existing form, look at the upper right corner of your form and select ‘Edit’.

Make sure the Field you want to edit is selected so that its unique Properties and Design options show in the builder’s toolbox. Basic and Advanced Settings is under Properties.

Basic Settings

After you select the field you want to edit, select ‘Basic Settings’ where you can edit:

  • The Label (or Field Title), i.e.: First Name, Last Name, E-mail, etc.
  • The Placeholder, that is, the text that will appear as an example for the user, but will disappear once the user selects the field to fill it in.
  • The Default Value for the field, if it’s an answer you anticipate or is simply an example, this is a value that will not disappear once the user selects the field.

NOTE: If you add a Default Value, you cannot add a Placeholder.

You can select a status for your field:

  • Editable is the default Status, which means the user can edit the answer in this field.
  • ReadOnly means the user can only view the field, but not edit the answer.
  • Hidden means the user will not be able to see the field and therefore will not be able to edit it.

Select ‘Required Field’ if you’d like this field to be mandatory for submissions.

Advanced Settings

By default, your field’s Label is checked to be visible, but you can choose to hide it by deselecting ‘Show Label’.

Tooltip Text: here you can add a short text to help the user fill in the field correctly. 

By default, the Tooltip Text shows up for the user when they hover over the icon. You can have the Text only show if the user clicks on the icon by checking the ‘Show Error/Tooltip on Click’ box.

Read more on how to edit your form field's unique Design.

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