Now that you've created your awesome new form using MightyForms, you'll want to share it with your audience. 

You can share your form on social media, or you can easily embed your responsive form into any web page on your website.

  1. Log into your MightyForms dashboard

Once you are logged into your MightyForms dashboard, you can either create a new form or select a form you've already created. 

Note: Make sure to make any changes you need to the form. Personalize the design, set up integrations and notifications before publishing.
   2.  Publish the form then click 'Share'

On the upper right corner of you'll see the 'Publish' button, click it to publish the most recent version of your form.

Then, right next to it, click 'Share'.

   3. Copy the embed code or send it to your developer

When you click 'Share' a pop-up window will show with the options on how you can share the form. 

Right under the options to share your form on social media and URL, you'll see the embed code.

You can copy the embed code:

Or choose to send it to your developer by filling out their email and clicking send:

   4. In your Content Management System, open HTML viewer

Whichever Content Management System (CMS) you use, simply access it to select the page you want to add the form to.

Then open that page's HTML viewer.

   5. Paste your form's embed code snippet 

Decide where you want the form to appear and paste code you just copied into your HTML viewer window.

Then click 'OK' or 'Save.'

Is your CMS Wordpress, BigCommerce or Magento 2? Awesome! We made it that much easier to integrate with MightyForms. Check out our articles specific to those platforms.

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