Get your forms’ submission data automatically sent to your Google Sheets account with MightyForms’s native Google Sheets integration.

You can interact and organize data submitted in real-time on the spreadsheet using this integration.

Pro tip: Manage all integrations through your My Apps tab.

To send form data to Google Sheets follow the next steps:

1. Select a Form

Once you are logged into the MightyForms app, you can:

2. Go to Integrations

Click on the form to select the ‘Integrations’ option from the menu on the left side of your screen.

3. Go to Integrations and connect

Click on the ‘Integrations’ button and select Google Sheets from the dropdown list by clicking the 'Connect' button.

4. Sign in to Google

A pop-up will open for you to log in to your Google account.

5. Allow integration

Give MightyForms permission to access your Google Drive by clicking 'Allow'.

Congratulations! Your form is integrated with your Google Sheets account.

You can always Revoke the integration by clicking on the 'Remove' button. Or simply disable the integration from the 'My Apps' tab.

And there you go! Now discover how to include more integrations into your forms.

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