To edit a form’s design you need to login to MightyForms App and, either create a new form, or select an existing form that you’ve created from your dashboard.

You can completely customize your form’s look on the Design tab of your builder’s toolbox.

To change a field’s position in the form, simply select, drag and drop it wherever you prefer.

On the left side of your form you can see your builder’s toolbox. The toolbox is divided into Properties and Design.

Make changes to a single field

On Properties you’ll see the field options that you can include in your form. You can edit the field's basic and advanced settings, and customize that unique field's design.

The available form fields you can use are so far:

  • Input Field 
  • Password Field
  • Date/Time
  • Text Area
  • Text Block
  • Dropdown
  • CheckBox
  • Single Choice
  • File upload
  • Button
  • Unique ID
  • Google Map
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Next Step

Can't see a field you need for your form? Leave us a message and let us know.

NOTE: If you created your form from a PDF, you’ll additionally have the fields from the PDF you uploaded and you should use those to create your form to be sure that the submitted data is filled into the correct fields.

Each field can have a custom design apart from the whole form. Simply select the field and its unique characteristics will show on the toolbox, alternate between the Properties and Design tab of the field to make the changes.

Make changes to the whole form

On Design, you’ll see the design options that affect your entire form.

Click anywhere around your form to deselect a field, then click on ‘Design’. You’ll see the design elements that you can customize for your form:

  • Global
  • Grids
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Labels
  • Placeholders
  • Fields
  • Buttons
  • Icons
  • Radio/Checkbox
  • Custom CSS
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