Our PDF filling feature is temporarily deactivated while we add more functionality to it. 

To create a PDF filling form, make sure that the PDF you are using is fillable. (This means that you can fill out the information required by the form by typing in the information while the form is displayed on your screen). 

Here's how you can create a fillable form and customize the fields.

You can test out our online PDF filling form feature by filling out this form we created, you'll receive the filled PDF in your e-mail: Test PDF filling form.

Once you’re logged into the MightyForms builder, click on ‘Create New Form’.

You’ll be redirected to a new page where you can choose to create a form from scratch, from a template or, in this case, from a PDF form. Click on ‘Upload Your PDF’.

You’ll see a pop-up message, you can either drag and drop your fillable PDF form onto the pop-up or click ‘Or choose it’ to browse through your computer’s documents and choose your form.

MightyForms will automatically detect the fillable fields in your PDF form and make them available for you as it opens up the form builder.

At the bottom of the Basic Fields toolbox, you’ll see a section labeled ‘Fields from PDF’.

Simply drag and drop the fields you would like to include in your online form. You can also add any amount of text to your form by including a Text Block and adding your text there.

If you need to, you can easily add a signature field to your form.

You can Preview what your form will look like in different devices and if you’re happy with your form’s look, simply click Publish.

Now you can click ‘Share’ if you want to share your article on Social Media, or copy the link to the form so you can send it to your audience or copy the embed code to add the form to your website.

Each submission will be made available on your form’s overview dashboard. Simply choose submission and at the end of its details you’ll see the option to ‘Download filled PDF’.

And there you have it!

You can automate this process as well.

On your form’s overview, click ‘Settings’

Under ‘Notifications’, click ‘Add New Notification’.

Fill out the details of your notification: give it a name, set up an email to receive the notification, etc.

Then enable ‘Attach filled PDF’. And that’s it! Now each submission will automatically arrive in your inbox as a filled-out PDF form.

And that’s it! Now each submission will automatically arrive in your inbox as a filled-out PDF form. Try it out yourself.

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