Once you are in the MightyForms app, create a new form by clicking "CREATE NEW FORM" button at the top right corner of your screen.

Once there, you will have a few options for creating a new form.

  1. Create form from scratch
  2. Create a form using a template from our library
  3. Generate a form from fillable PDF file (it will be later filled in with submission data)
  4. From any other form on the web. (This functionality is still in development.)

Creating form from scratch

First, you  need some fields from the toolbar. Either drag/drop them to the main field panel, or just double click for quick auto-add. Once you throw in a few fields, rename them in line and adjust settings as you see fit. 

You can check out more in-depth articles on designing your online forms here

When you have a few fields set as you need them, click the Design button to play around with Templates or manually adjust the fonts, colors, etc., as you see fit.

When you are done prettifying your form, name it something that's easy to remember.

Hit Preview to see how your form will look like on different devices.

At this time we support Desktop/Tablet/Mobile views without selection of a specific device, but that may come in the future.

When you are ready, hit Publish button to push your latest changes to live. Now when you are ready - Share your form by hitting Share icon.

There you will see a few options to share and embed your form to your website. Use that or just click the "New Window" icon to see how your form will look if you just shared a URL.

Next thing to learn is setting up Autoresponder and Integrations.

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